5 Key Benefits Of Being a Software Engineer Nobody Tells You

August 15, 2020


Being a developer means you can build your own business, or several

If you can build your own web products, you can start up a side hustle from your bedroom. The only capital you need to outlay, is a domain, hosting fees and your time. You’re in a much better position that doctors, lawyers, civil engineers because they often need to be physically present to do their job.

Programming teaches you how to think

The core fundamentals of object orientated programming teach you how applications are built. Photoshop, Cinema4D, and some other notable programmes all utilize classes or object models in their UI. It makes it very easy to pick up and conceptualise complicated topics when you already have a core understanding of how this all works. Photoshop has smart objects, Cinema4D runs on a parent/child hierarchy all of which rely on the parent child relationship and objects with associated properties.

Side Hustles

You can be a side hustle master if you wanted to. Whether that’s picking up work on the side or building your own business.

Being a developer means the power to earn is in your hands. The ability to scale up your income relies solely on your ability and drive to pick up freelance clients in your 5pm-10pm and weekends. Alternatively developing a SaaS product, creating tutorials online, or even consulting. It’s all there for the taking.

Remote living

As a web developer there’s a tonne of work available for you. You have the power and ability (so long as there’s internet) to work from wherever you please. Think beach vibes in Bali or Thailand, or even the comfort of your own home to save back time on a commute.

Something to think about, especially if you can land a US client that’s paying local rates. Being remote independent doesn’t mean you’re living paycheck to paycheck either, lowering your cost of living while retaining the same or equal salary could yield you a few extra zeroes in your bank account.

Patience and confidence

Being a developer is hard work. We deal with a tonne of very complicated technical issues that involve a lot of unknowns, troubleshooting and perseverance. The patience and grit you develop working with such inconsistency sets you up extremely well for so many aspects of your life and future growth.

If you can handle npm and webpack debugging, you can handle anything.

I’ve only learnt to appreciate now (after hurling a few macbook pros out the window). Transitioning to other programs and other verticals of development, even new creative endeavours, this mindset has come invaluable when i’ve stumbled face first into a seemingly impossible task.

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