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I'm a freelance web developer, motion designer and content creator from New Zealand.  Bit of a mouthful, but I’ve completed two degrees-  Marketing and Computer Science, headed digital content for Computer Lounge (one of NZ’s largest PC retailers) and spent three years as a front-end developer.

This means I know how technology works,  how complex it can be, and how to make it easier to understand for those who don't.

To get in touch or request a media kit - matthew.kander@gmail.com

Cheers and catch ya online!

This Blog

For content best suited to the written word or to consolidate YouTube videos into a more time-respective format.

The YouTube Channel

Reviews and tutorials. Visual things that make use of a camera and to justify the horrifically expensive lights I bought.

The Podcast

Creative Behinds documents creatives' journeys to financial freedom. From game developers making a full time salary off Patreon, to full time YouTubers like Bad Seed Tech. How did they get there? This is how you find out.

The Gram

Photography and motion design composites with Cinema 4d. Occasionally pictures of my cat.

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