The unofficial god of YouTube Game Dev

Brackeys has been creating content on YouTube for years. With over 100 videos and a million subscribers, he's the first channel uttered any indie game dev suggests when asked 'so where should I start?'. The answer is always Brackeys.

Based in Denmark, the team offers in depth tutorials primarily focussing on Unity. With a number of videos presented on the technical processes of creating games, the free content offered here is enough for you to build your first game, and use particular videos as a reference for any future features you'd like to implement.

Who's it for?

Anyone who's just getting started and new to programming. They have an excellent series onhow to get started from scratch with no coding experience. The content is useful for both experienced and new game developers, with some more in depth tutorials mixed with that for pure beginners.

Suggested Videos

Building your first game
Unity Shadergraph
Something else



Unity's poster child

Sykoo (or actual name) run's Unities own YouTube channel. He has over 400 videos uploaded to this personal one however and provides some deep dives on all the newest features the Unity engine offers. His style is very pleasant, he never rushes through the videos and insteads opts for a very medium energy tone that's very easy to listen to.

Who's it for?

For people who want to keep up to date on everything Unity, straight from the horses (not calling you a horse mate) mouth. If you're interested in level design, he's also got a tonne of content focussing on world building which will be incredibly useful for any aspiring dev.

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